Webcam Portal Software
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     What is Camero?

Camero is a product developed originally to simply spice up a static cam portal. It has since kept evolving and is now more mature and has more features than any other software in it's class. Camero 3 is now capable of producing high availability, high quality dynamic cam portals with loads of user-configurable tweaks and options.

What is a Cam Portal?

A Cam Portal is simply a collection of users' webcam images. Rather than having to go to a different webpage for each individual's webcam, they are all collaborated into more of a community through the portal.

What platforms does Camero run on?

Camero 3 is currently *NIX-specific. This means it was written for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and many other UNIX-like OS's. It is NOT compatible with ANY versions of Microsoft Windows. We see no need for this as most users prefer to run it on Linux, and Windows just plain doesn't make a good server platform.

I came here to find out more information on Chevrolet Camaros! What Gives?!?

This happens all the time. It's no problem, really. Just go back and do your search again with 2 A's instead of 1. After all, who would trust a fan site about Camaros which can't even spell the make of the car it is so enthusiastic about?

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